admin   •   November 11,2017

Hi, fellow RC fans! Sorry to keep you waiting for updates on Raffey and her new film Killing of a Sacred Deer.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer released on November 3.

Raffey gave two interviews, one with fellow actor Barry Keoghan (click here) and the other one on phone to the Interview magazine (click here).The first one has a video posted below and the second one has a lot of pictures of Raffey’s, but you’ll have to click on the link to see them.

admin   •   September 9,2017

Raffey recently appeared in the Evening Standard magazine this week and she hinted about her plans for the future. An excerpt

What would you do if not acting?
‘I’d really want to be a fashion designer. Me and my sister are actually making a dress for my mum.’

Here’s the link to the full article and the sweet picture!

admin   •   August 8,2017

The trailer of the Killing of a Sacred Deer was recently launched a few hours ago by A24 media. The trailer suggests that Raffey has a central and pivotal role in the movie. Also, it looks like she has a good amount of scenes, and the movie won’t disappoint Raffey’s fans, like Allied did. More updates coming soon!

admin   •   May 5,2017

Raffey Cassidy made her Cannes film festival debut for the movie The Killing of a Sacred Deer yesterday. She played the role of Kim, a 14-year old girl, and her role is being said to be very important and interesting. You can follow these links for more about the film and her role and don’t forget to check out her pictures and some videos.(Click on the pictures to view them full screen)

Getty Images- Raffey Cassidy
IMDb- The Killing of a Sacred Deer
The Telegraph- Manchester girl soaks up glory

admin   •   February 2,2017

The most popular search about Raffey after “Raffey Cassidy” is “Raffey Cassidy phone number”. This shows that how eager fans are to contact her. Even I am very eager to know that and did some extensive research about this.  The results are presented below –


Info. from Site no. 1 –  This site contains info about various addresses on which you can send fan mail to Raffey. I printed all the info I could get from this site about Raffey to a pdf, which you can download by clicking below.

Send Fan Mail to Raffey Cassidy _ Celebrity Address on StarTiger

Info. from Site no. 2 – This site provides details to contact Raffey’s by providing a phone no. and an email address. See the picture below.

Info. from Site 3 – (unknown site) This site contains Raffey’s private email address and 2 private phone numbers!!!! I will not be posting that for Raffey’s  security and privacy reasons but the site gives these details only after you complete some surveys.(Actually, I am also not sure if the phone numbers this site provides are correct, as they are US numbers, not UK, but the email can be correct.)

Info. from Site 4 – This site also provides an address to send fanmail to Raffey Cassidy. See the picture below.

(This Post is not complete…yet.)

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