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Raffey Cassidy played the role of Anna Vatan ( Brad Pitt’s on-screen daughter) in Allied.Though the role of Anna Vatan is about 5 minutes in the movie and her character is crucial for the ending,  Raffey’s role is less than 15.7 seconds in a 157-minute movie. Huge disappointment from the Director. Raffey has got so little a role, I was waiting for her from the beginning and had expected it to be at least 3-5 minutes. Below are some screens from the movie, for those who haven’t seen it, with Raffey in them(ACTUALLY, THE ONLY ONES IN WHICH RAFFEY IS THERE). So, HERE .enjoy.Don’t forget that these screens are exclusive to this site. No other site has published these. Also, check out our Exclusive section HERE and Contests& Giveaways section HERE.

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We all have seen and admired Raffey’s onscreen acting. But there are little-known audios – or podcasts of hers too, like a BBC drama series – Elidor, based on a book by Alan Garner, in which she plays one of the lead roles of Helen and other audio interviews whose links are below, with a bonus interesting interview.She is also in a Biblical audio play – Brother Francis, which is available on Amazon. Also, I have embedded an interview of hers below, in which she shares her likings and also what music she likes to hear. You can download it too from the link below. I have some problem with the British accent, so, if anybody gets the what she is saying about what songs she hears, please email at, and don’t forget to see the contests/ giveaways section HERE. HAPPY HEARING!!




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Raffey Cassidy was at the Allied UK Premiere of “Allied” at Odeon Leicester Square on November 21, 2016, in London, England. She was in a gorgeous black dress that suited her very well. See for yourself in the picture below.

P.S.- I don’t really know much about dresses and women’s clothing…so, sorry.


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Raffey Cassidy has recently appeared in the October issue of “Hello! Fashion” magazine. The magazine has published two brand new and unseen pictures of hers accompanied with a brief interview. Enjoy these pictures from the magazine below and video by the magazine. Also, check out full images by clicking on them.


Note: In the video interview below, Raffey says she likes a Snapchat filter. This could indicate that she is on Snapchat and could be on other Social Networking sites as well, against the prior belief that she isn’t. (Exclusive Info.)

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